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The White Guilt Episode? Yeah since we had the one year anniversary last week we decided to tackle a serious topic this week and see how long our “advertisers” still support us. The White Guilt Episode is the one where Benhameen breaks down why he thinks White Guilt is the cause of certain movies getting more credit than they deserve. But we also keep it light as we review some more of our favorite moments from the first year, we continue to speak on the huge turn of events on Game Of Thrones, plus all the usual madness from the crew. Shouts to Donwill & The Dominican Deadpool for returning to the spaceship and helping to moderate what may go down as one of our most thought provoking episodes. Don’t forget you can still enter our latest contest as well! #FanBrosSelfie #WhiteGuilt #BlameBenhameen

Scarface lost 100 pounds. And we’re all over the place in this interview. He plays guitar, he talks drugs and depression and Pink Floyd, he talks about his time in prison, why his son went missing earlier this year, why Rick Ross is underrated and more. He does his best to avoid making controversial statements, but he just can’t help himself. This is Brad Jordan like you’ve never heard before.

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Well. About that. New episode of @fanbrosshow is now up at FanBros.Com! We cover the Purple Wedding as only we can! Spoilers aplenty so make sure you watch Game Of Thrones before you peep the greatness! #fanbrosshow #fanbros #gameofthrones #purplewedding #dingdong #redredwine #podcast


Well. About that. New episode of @fanbrosshow is now up at FanBros.Com! We cover the Purple Wedding as only we can! Spoilers aplenty so make sure you watch Game Of Thrones before you peep the greatness! #fanbrosshow #fanbros #gameofthrones #purplewedding #dingdong #redredwine #podcast

The FanBrosShow One Year Anniversary Episode. If you had told me a year ago that the FanBrosShow would achieve the greatness that we did in our first year I would have believed you. Because from the moment the Fantastic Four set out on the spaceship to conquer the final frontier I knew we had something special on our hands. But let Jamie Righetti tell you that as we welcome back our friend and compadre to ship, fresh off finishing her new novel. Yup she’s bout to be a published author and all that. You know how we do. But we couldn’t get one without getting the other member of the Four that you’ve been waiting for, Chico Leo makes his triumphant return to the ship on the FanBrosShow One Year Anniversary Episode. You can finally learn what drove the man and the legend off the ship to explore the Negative Zone all on his own. So buckle your seatbelts, make sure you’ve shielded your ship against the cosmic rays and join the FanBros as we kick off the eternal celebration of our one year anniversary! Eternal? Yup we will be here forever. Forever and ever, forever and ever. We will be here forever. But make sure you click on that donation button just in case.
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What’s in a word? Obviously a lot as far as “nigger” is concerned. The media and politicians say “ban it” but how impossible is it to make the world’s most dangerous word disappear from existence? And do we really know what it means? Hakim Green of Channel Live fame walks us through this black word’s history, it’s etymology, and explains why this word will never go away, and why we should embrace and cherish rather than shun it. Also, Sean C. and L.V. talk their musical history and why we should cop their new album ‘Loud Dreams’ for only $Free Ninety Nine. My lips is like an oowop as I start to spray it.

In the episode we have none other than Ma Dukes, mother of the late great J. Dilla. She’s joined by Brooklyn’s own Talib Kweli. We learn about J. Dilla and his posthumous legacy, his impact on hip hop culture, The J. Dilla Foundation and more.

We also find out about Talib’s new album, why Jean Grae doesn’t fuxs with him right now and why he doesn’t like doing interviews anymore. #DillaLives

The Search For A Fanbro Episode? Yes folks we have decided to open the books and invite a new fanbro on the spaceship. The auditions begin on this episode and listen for details on how you can join the great ranks of the Bros Who Are Fans. We welcome Premium Pete of You Gotta Eat This, The Combat Jack Show & SneakerTube.TV, a true renaissance man if there ever was one. Pete lets us know that his geek credentials run deep and we also welcome a woman who needs no introduction to the world of nerds, Girl Gone Geek. She tells all about her amazing site Straight Outta Gotham and schools Benhameen on the Comics She Copped. We also debut our new tagline on this show so listen to hear what replaced the old classic “The Premier Podcast of Geek Culture By People Of Color”. Bit of a mouthful so we decided to give you something a bit fresher. On The Search For A Fanbro Episode we also break down the first ten minutes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier all without spoiling anything! No spoiler warning needed for this classic, tune in and make sure you subscribe on Itunes and leave us a comment while you’re at it.